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Welcome to Da Vinci Charter Academy

We are a Project-Based Learning (PBL) public charter school serving grades 7-12 in Yolo County and surrounding areas. Please select either our junior high or high school program above to find out more information. Thank you for visiting!

Project-Based Learning is a researched-backed method of curriculum delivery which develops 21st century skills. At Da Vinci we are…

  • Innovative. We use up-to-date technology (1:1 student/computer ratio)
  • Inclusive. We combine state standards with engaging projects that enhance student voice and choice
  • Collaborative. We explicitly teach students how to work within an effective and professional team dynamic. Additionally, we create ongoing opportunities for students to practice and develop these skills within their courses.

If you are looking for an engaging curriculum that honors student input and want to learn life-long group skills, you owe it to yourself to explore Da Vinci Charter Academy.

DVCA High School and Junior High

Contact Information

Principal: Tyler Millsap
HS Teaching VP: Scott Bell
JH Vice Principal: Annie Nelson


DVCA HS Phone:  (530)757-7154
                     FAX:  (530)759-2178

DVCA JH Phone:  (530)759-1615
                     FAX:  (530)759-1619

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